Cleaner and Greener

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What can we do now?

We’re participating in carbon and emission offsetting schemes, run a Sustainable Aviation Fuel ‘Book and Claim’ scheme, invest in the Aviation Climate Fund and optimise flight procedures to minimise fuel burn.

Carbon neutral

With CO2 accounting for one third of aircraft’s climate impact, carbon offsetting enables you to invest in green projects that reduce future emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases, in order to compensate for emissions made elsewhere.


Emission neutral

Only one third of aircraft’s climate impact comes from CO2 emissions – the other two thirds comes from the Aircraft’s release of nitrous oxides and creation of contrail-induced cloud cover accounts for. To compensate, you can use our scheme to offset your emissions by 300%, helping to mitigate their environmental impact.

Go beyond neutral

By using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), we can reduce the emissions produced by aircraft as they fly. Going beyond neutral uses efficiencies including direct SAF uplifts or ‘Book and Claim’ to reduce emissions by 5%.

Planet champion

New technology is still needed to advance emissions reductions. Our contributions to the Aviation Climate Fund directly support university research that’s building the foundation for these future technologies.

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