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Partnering with our trusted suppliers, we’ve curated the finest selection of luxury aircraft to deliver unmatched air charter solutions.


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Comprehensive global fleet of aircraft

Volanteus utilise an extensive fleet, comprising thousands of fully licensed aircraft. Ranging from Channel-hopping turboprops to transatlantic ultra long range jets, we provide a comprehensive worldwide service that ensures exceptional results.

Our range of services

First-time charter

The world of private jet charter can be complex and confusing for first-time flyers. As such, it’s essential to work with a people-first company that offers the human element — rather than an online portal — and can help you navigate the pros and pitfalls of this expansive industry. Whether it’s the ever-changing documentation requirements, cancellation fees, or ensuring you avoid any illegal or grey area charters — it’s vital you choose a company that has your best interests at heart. We’re here to help you understand your options and budgets, free of judgement. Check out first time charter FAQs here

Business or leisure

Delivering bespoke solutions for those that value time, quality, and exceptional service.

Our business or leisure offerings

Music industry

The air chartering expertise and experience within our team empower us to effortlessly transport both individuals and items to their desired destinations.

Our music industry offerings

Film industry

From location shooting to press junkets, our understanding of the entertainment industry makes us the first choice for many of the world’s largest studios and streaming services.

Our film industry offerings

Sports industry

As a thriving multibillion-dollar industry, sports travel comes with significant time, media, and performance pressures. We’ll secure the right aircraft for the job, every time.

Our sports industry offerings


Helicopter charters are ideal for those looking to travel directly to their destination quickly and efficiently — whether it’s a festival, remote work location, or airport transfer.


Aircraft sales

Our dedicated and experienced Aircraft Sales division has an enviable track record of guiding our clients through the process of aircraft purchase or sale across the globe.

Aircraft Sales

Frequently asked questions

Private jet travel is more expensive than regular first-class travel, but often the cost per person is more reasonable than you think.

Not at all, at Volanteus, we are here as advisors, it doesn’t cost to ask for a quote. We understand it’s not within grasp for everyone – we certainly won’t hound you for a booking or make you feel uncomfortable. All quotes are sent without obligation to book.

We purposely make the process simple for clients, there aren’t 100s of pages of T&Cs to navigate through and the flight information you receive is succinct and arguably easier to understand than a scheduled service booking!

Each quotation we provide is based on the best market rate at the time of enquiry which varies due to many factors. Our team is certainly able to give you an indicative cost if you’d just like an idea about pricing.

Yes! We provide a comprehensive worldwide service and have access to an extensive fleet of thousands of fully licensed aircraft, ranging from Channel-hopping turboprops to transatlantic ultra-long-range jets.

Yes – you will have your own broker who will liaise with you for all your flight requests, then we have our Flight Care team who will deal with the intricate and meticulous logistics and our Operations team who will flight watch, keeping an eye on all flights to ensure aircraft depart and arrive as planned.

We are able to charter a flight for 1 person, however, we regularly charter flights for several hundred passengers – we also repatriated nearly 20,000 people quickly and safely during the pandemic!

Yes, we charter a variety of helicopter for special events, business travel or to/from sporting events.   Click here for further information

Yes, we can organise chauffeur driven cars, to luxury coaches, depending on you or your clients’ needs. At some airports, we may be able to organise airside passes so the vehicles can meet the aircraft airside.

In today’s world, we have a responsibility to ensure we care for the planet and have a dedicated department to ensure we, as a company, are doing our bit. With all of our flights, we are proud to be able to offer Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). We’re participating in carbon and emission offsetting schemes and run our own ‘Book and Claim’ SAF scheme – we offer our clients the choice to offset their emissions.   Click here for further information

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