“It is vital that in today’s era of climate activism and Government agenda that Volanteus takes real steps to ensure the planet we leave behind is better than how we found it. I am delighted to confirm we have introduced a sustainability programme that allows our clients to join us in addressing the challenges


Throwing paint on planes does nothing to make things more sustainable in aviation, in fact the volatile organic compounds in paint also causes harm to the environment !


Only by everyone working together to achieve realistic goals, can we make the difference”.

Alina Minaeva, Private Jets Director

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What can we do now?

We’re participating in carbon and emission offsetting schemes, run our own ‘Book and Claim’ Sustainable Aviation Fuel scheme, invest in the Aviation Climate Fund and optimise flight procedures to minimise fuel burn.


Sustainability programmes

Volanteus offers comprehensive and verified sustainability programmes for any flyer through four simple levels – so anyone can meet their sustainability goals.

Sustainability Programmes

‘Book and Claim’ programme

Sustainable Aviation Fuel, or SAF, refers to jet fuel that’s produced from renewable sources, rather than being refined from petroleum. The Book and Claim programme sells SAF credits which give the opportunity to buy SAF for aircraft without uplifting it themselves. The credit bought will be used in another aircraft flying out of an airport that provides SAF.

Book and Claim programme

What is Sustainable Aviation Fuel made from?

Sustainable Aviation Fuel is produced mainly from seven different biological resources. These sources are biomass, waste lipids, sugars that have converted to hydrocarbon, other differently processed biomass, agricultural waste, plant and animal fats such as oil, as well as bio-derived hydrocarbons and fatty acid esters. One of the greatest benefits of SAF is that it works perfectly well with existing aircraft. Currently, traditional aviation fuel can be blended up to 50% with SAF – delivering a huge decrease in emissions long-term. Aircraft engines have also been tested on 100% unblended SAF and the aviation industry expects to be using 100% SAF in the near future.

Let’s start our journey together


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