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Travelling with four-legged companions

As pet-lovers, we understand that when it comes to looking after our four-legged companions, only the best will do! Our team has years of experience arranging flights for pet travel abroad and can advise on the different requirements from departure to destination, as well as oversee and ensure all documentation is correct for the routes pets are flying.

Legal requirements and pet passports

The legal requirements set out by each departing and entry destination can differ and your pet will need to meet country-specific demands to fly — including documents such as pet passports and the Great Britain Health Certificate. Our team will be on-hand to oversee these requirements, and advise you on the necessary vaccinations, medications, and inoculations that your own vet can administer prior to travel. Our experienced team will confirm that everything is in order prior to the flight. In the UK, the Government’s Pet Travel Scheme allows UK residents to enter or return to the UK with their cat, dog or even a ferret without quarantine – as long as certain procedures are followed. Many private jet operators and airports have DEFRA approval to handle flights with pets on-board, although not every operator can fly pets to every airport. This is where our experienced team comes in, ensuring that our clients only travel with operators with the correct clearance.

Creature comforts and specialist nutrition

We know that pets are key members of the family, and their comfort is just as important as that of our human passengers! That’s why our experienced team will ensure their flying experience is paw-fect! We can ensure our VIPets fly in the temperature-controlled cabin, not the hold – with pets even being allowed on the sofas in the cabin. We can even arrange to furnish the cabin with toys, so you can keep your pet entertained on their flight! If your four-legged friend has any specific nutritional requirements, we can organise bespoke specialist catering upon your request.

Frequently asked questions

Yes – VIPs (Very Important Pets) can travel in the cabin too! I guess you could say they embark and disembark the same way our passengers do.

Yes – absolutely, many of our clients have more than one pet, the ‘paw’ the merrier 🐾

They certainly do, we will provide treats, catering and toys in accordance with your instruction and the pet’s dietary requirements.

We use many pet-friendly airlines and are happy to advise on documentation and vaccination requirements. Please speak to us about European pet passports or Health Certificates for the UK.

For exact pricing please contact one of our team on fly@volanteus.com / +44 (0)203 876 8000 / or we are available on our Live Chat. Indicative pricing based upon an average flying hourly rate is:   Turbo Prop £3,600p/h   Light Jet  £5,000p/h   Medium Size Jets £7,000p/h   Large Jets £12,400p/h   Ultra-Long-Range Jets £17,000p/h   VIP Commercial Jets               £34,000p/h

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