To Buy or Not To Buy (That is the Question)

We offer our clients a comprehensive service for buying and selling new or pre-owned aircraft, navigating through the entire process on behalf of individuals and corporations.

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An excellent track record

Our dedicated and experienced Aircraft Sales division has an enviable track record of guiding our clients through the process of aircraft purchase or sale across the globe.

Aircraft sales

Volanteus is a trusted name in the aviation industry, with a reputation for service that goes above and beyond. We help you analyse, draft and negotiate contracts and have the market intelligence, reliable buyers, flexible sales options and global network of contacts to ensure your interests are served.

Aircraft purchase

From initial exploratory discussion to aircraft delivery, our experienced team can help you with a range of purchase options; general aircraft acquisition, investment, upgrade or management options. When you work with Volanteus, you’re connected with our global network who will provide options to best suit your requirements. Our comprehensive service encompasses operational supply, financing, legal services, bespoke interior configurations and decor, tax planning and maintenance checks.

Flying redefined

Our expertise can help you navigate some of the potential pitfalls when purchasing or selling an aircraft. We’re able to determine ownership structure for an individual or business, assessing whether sole ownership, Limited Liability Company, ownership via a trust or joint venture platform is most suitable. We’ll also help you identify the most suitable financing method – whether that’s secured loans, finance and operating leasing, pre-delivery financing or group ownership. Other elements we can advise on include insurance and warranty, maintenance requirements under the CAA, airport costs, fees, taxes and landing regulations.

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