Cruise ships and travel operators

Our teams deeply understand the importance of meticulous attention to detail in delivering a successful travel experience. We’re well accustomed to organising series charters for fly-cruises.

Specialists in cruise charters

Our team’s experience and wide array of partners within the aviation industry enables us to facilitate charter flights to challenging and hard-to-reach areas. We’re able to arrange flights for remote airports, handle airport slot challenges or areas with challenging weather conditions. As an example, we’re able to service the Oslo to Longyearbyen Svalbard Airport route – the northernmost airport in the world. Built on a glacier, only certain carriers with specialist technology and training are permitted to land at this remote destination. Where others see barriers, we see solutions.

Crew changes, repatriation and emergencies

When change happens, you need a fast-thinking, dynamic team to support you. We will organise charters that you can trust for crew rotation, repatriation and emergency response. By pairing our relationships and knowledge within the cruise industry with our network of operators, we’re able to react quickly to requests and get people wherever they need to be. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we supported a host of cruise line operators in repatriating nearly 20,000 people quickly and safely, and more recently we repatriated passengers from a stranded ship. 

Working side by side with your team

Our teams work side by side with cruise and travel operators to ensure their customer’s experience is seamless. A Volanteus representative will always be overseeing the flight, and if required, we’ll organise specialised check-in with the handling agent at the hotel, cruise terminal or airport. When it’s time to take off, we can arrange for baggage to be taken directly to the aircraft – saving passengers time and effort. We can organise all branding of the aircraft to suit our client’s needs, including branded headrests, cutlery wraps, napkins and more.

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