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Our expert team and 24/7 Operations department offers global coverage to react to fast-moving situations and support those who need assistance

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Quick and effective help

Successfully operating flights in challenging, unstable and hostile environments requires the highest levels of professionalism, experience and situational awareness. At Volanteus, our team has built a vast network of connections and knowledge from our charter flight experience – which we use to repatriate, evacuate and deliver aid to people experiencing disruption, instability and humanitarian crises.

Emergency response

Extraction services for people in dangerous environments when timely evacuation to a safe haven is paramount. These types of short-notice charter flights and private jet hire need to be arranged by a team that has the experience and connections to deftly navigate rapidly-changing situations and deliver results when they’re needed.  Our team uses their knowledge of governments, political climates and effective techniques to successfully repatriate personnel from high-risk environments across a wide variety of key industries.

Humanitarian relief

When disaster strikes, humanitarian groups and government agencies need experienced partners to ensure crucial aid is delivered quickly and safely. We’re proud to support a number of humanitarian organisations and NGOs with charter flights that transport doctors, aid and military personnel to the most crisis-affected regions of the world.


We offer a variety of repatriation services that help people return to their home country quickly and safely. Our team can organise flights, baggage return, handling agents and pre or post-airport transfers for both individuals and large groups of people. When unfortunate circumstances strike, we’re here to help businesses, non-governmental organisations and everyone in between get home fast.

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