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Once blended, SAF is certified under ATSM D1655, the same standard as conventional jet fuel, meaning it has the same technical and safety characteristics as conventional fuel.

SAF is one of the most practical and readily available opportunities for aviation to reduce its in-sector footprint; however, the reductions do not come from a reduction of physical tailpipe emissions. Rather, by comparing the greenhouse gas emissions of the SAF to fossil jet fuel across the entire life cycle, SAF is able to deliver net Greenhouse Gas reductions up to 80 to 90% compared to fossil jet fuel.

Book and Claim Programme: while sustainable aviation fuel may be used on your particular flight, it does not have to be in order to receive its benefit. Similar to a renewable energy credit, sustainable fuel is introduced into the fuel supply at one airport while the emissions reductions are claimed by a different aircraft.

Most airports blend sustainable fuel into their existing fuel supply, so there is a chance
you’ve already flown on sustainable fuel without knowing it.

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