Flights, Camera, Action

From location shooting and press junkets to wardrobe, set and transport for talent, cast and crew – our expertise enables us to encompass the whole production from start to finish.

Our understanding of the complexities involved in deadlines, budgeting and flexibility makes us the first choice and approved vendor for many of the world’s largest studios and streaming services.

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Everything. Everyone. Everywhere

The world of film and television is dynamic and ever-changing. It demands flexibility, speed and a touch of luxury. Our Charter Executives, Flight Care and Operations teams work with you to tailor a service that ensures your crew are there when you need them and your valuable cargo arrives safely.


Volanteus arranges private jet hire for film locations and press junkets across the globe.  As approved vendors for many of the largest studios and production companies, we meet industry-specific insurance requirements, as well as ensuring necessary safety audits and crew hour requirements are adhered to. Our service doesn’t just stop with the ‘rider’ – we go further, even down to selecting the right FBO’s – eliminating security issues and the potential for opportunistic paparazzi.  With a thorough understanding of unique industry needs, Volanteus ensures each experience underscores efficiency and quality, making every journey a seamless process.

Production team & crew

Accommodating larger groups of the production team and their crucial equipment, we meticulously coordinate every aspect of the journey. As a trusted vendor for numerous production companies, we meet the specific requirements for equipment transport and insurance.  From departure to arrival, Volanteus ensures a seamless, punctual journey for every team member and item of equipment, making us a dependable choice in the industry.

Studio executives

Studio executives are arguably the linchpins of the film industry. Catering to their various travel needs, from location shoots and site reconnaissance to attendance at high-profile junkets, we deliver an exceptional service.  Our proficiency in managing VIP travel needs and understanding the unique requirements of studio executives underscores our distinction. As a trusted partner, we prioritise confidentiality and timeliness.

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