Vertically Challenged

Helicopter charters are ideal for those looking to travel directly to their destination quickly and efficiently. Whether our clients need to fly into a festival, work at a remote location or require a helicopter transfer from airport to accommodation – we’re here to help.

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Tailored to your needs

Helicopters provide a superior charter that is flexible and tailored to your needs. They’re an efficient standalone travel option that can also function as a reliable “shuttle service” during large events. Our helicopter fleet is crafted to provide a superior travel experience, from smaller 4/5 seat options to some models featuring stand-up cabins with VIP configurations offering comfortable travel for up to 19 passengers.

Interlining with your flight

Our helicopter hire services are perfect for interlining with private jets, or commercial flights, as they enable our clients to travel directly to and from smaller airports in speed and comfort. Their ability to travel directly between properties, or land only a short distance from the passenger’s end-destination, makes them ideal for filling journey gaps that are unsuited to flying by private jet.

Fly into events or travel door-to-door

Helicopters’ take-off and landing ability makes them perfectly suited for shuttle services to large events, such as travelling to and from major music festivals, as well as iconic motorsports events like Silverstone, Goodwood and other Grand Prix. Our charter services are especially popular for those in the South of France and Italy who need to fly directly to their property, hotel or yacht discreetly and comfortably. 

Crew transportation

We have a long history of organising transport for the energy industry, working closely with our trusted partners to facilitate travel to remote or hard-to-reach locations. We’re experienced in transporting crews for off-shore and on-shore oil, gas and solar farms. We understand the unique needs that come with these charters.

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