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The finer details

At Volanteus, we believe that finding the perfect aircraft is only the first step in an exceptional charter experience. The multitude of logistics that go into executing a seamless flight require meticulous planning, close attention to detail and a proactive approach to resolving any issues that may arise. Our Flight Care and Operations teams support our clients in organising all these crucial supporting elements.

Impeccable service always


We pride ourselves on our excellent rapport with operators, handling agents, transport providers and catering companies — which has been developed through many years of close, collaborative work. When you work with Volanteus you’ll be covered at every point of your clients’ journey by a variety of specialist teams, all experts in their respective fields. From our first conversation to your clients’ leaving the airport. We detail every aspect of your requirements, ensuring a seamless flight experience.

Flight Care

Our teams excel in the wide range of intricate and meticulous logistics that come with aircraft chartering. Their expertise in the aviation industry means as a company we’re always ahead — anticipating and mitigating risks before they become issues. This profound understanding serves as the foundation for our “Flight Care” philosophy and assures clients of a safe, comfortable journey each and every time.

Seamless experience

We work tirelessly to create a seamless experience for our clients at every step of the journey. All of our clients receive a flight brief outlining every aspect of their flight, including the full schedule, catering, contact information for the Volanteus representative (if required) and any special requirements. We will complete the operator’s manifest template, update last-minute passenger changes, ensure pre-allocated seats are aligned with the aircraft seat configuration and oversee check-in and baggage — ensuring a smooth departure.

Support at every step

With our group charter flights we meet the handling agent before departure to ensure that the manifest is loaded into the system correctly and the aircraft is prepared for boarding. We obtain airside passes for the Volanteus representatives so that we can manage the flight up until take off – we can also send a team member onboard the flight to manage the turn around and return flight. Off-airport check-in arrangements can be made for our clients from a hotel, onboard a cruise ship or at the port. Less time is spent at the airport and we’ll ensure a smooth operation, with the luggage transferred directly to the airport. We’ll always aim to think five steps ahead, whether that means pre-printing boarding passes and baggage tags wherever possible, or asking for extra check-in desks for a large group of passengers.


We offer a variety of branding and personalisation options for our clients, available on request. From unique welcome mats, water bottles and branded headrests to customised logos displayed at check-in desks – we can ensure every element of the journey is branded to our client’s needs. During a catering service we can provide branded coasters, napkins, cutlery wraps and insulated cups for hot and cold drinks. We can arrange additional onboard announcements or specific instructions for boarding or disembarkation, particularly useful for cruise ship passengers.


We partner closely with a number of highly skilled catering providers, which enables us to offer a wide variety of food and drink options. We can arrange for specialist catering for a variety of dietary needs, including gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and lactose intolerance and ensure all requirements and allergies are communicated to the operators.

The Operations team

Our Operations will flight watch, keeping an eye on all flights to ensure aircraft depart and arrive as planned. In the unlikely event of a delay or schedule change, we will communicate the reason with all relevant parties to ensure any disruption is minimised, and if necessary work to source a replacement aircraft. The Operations team will monitor weather, ATC restrictions, airport closures and industrial strike action issues that could affect our flights. In addition, they’ll co-ordinate aircraft slots and can arrange for chauffeur driven cars, luxury coaches or interlining helicopters.

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