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Safe, secure and highly organised aircraft charter services that ensure ensembles and their instruments get to where they need to be, when they need to be there.

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Seamless transport

The global touring demands and scale of orchestral groups presents a unique set of demands for those tasked with organising travel between venues. We understand that tight timelines and secure instrument transport are a necessity to keep ensembles on track, and we’re on hand to help orchestras of all sizes travel to concert halls across the globe.

Instrument transport

Given the high value and intensely personal nature of orchestral instruments, it’s essential that you can trust your travel partners to securely transport them. Whatever the scope or needs of an ensemble, we’ll ensure that their instruments are safely transported with care – whether they’re kept in the hold or inside the cabin.

Group travel

We know delayed flights, missing instruments and separated ensembles can cause chaos for travelling musicians. That’s why our team charter flights to transport 100-200 person orchestras and their instruments on the same plane to minimise these risks.  We’ll also arrange for lounge access and car transfers direct from the airport tarmac, on request, to ensure musicians are comfortable, well rested and on top form.

Precise schedules

With performances often scheduled on the same day as travel, we understand that event travel itineraries must be precise and timelines kept to. We only book through trusted and reliable operators to minimise the possibility of disruption – ensuring you won’t miss a performance.  If onward transport is required, our Flight Care team will organise airside passes, car registrations and handling agents to ensure groups are seamlessly transferred from door to door.

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