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Our team’s expert knowledge and experience in aircraft chartering enables us to seamlessly get everything and everyone wherever they need to be.

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Everything changes

We understand that no two music events are ever the same and with the industry moving so fast, what worked last time might not this time. We offer tailored charter solutions for everything from helicopter landings for headliners to Group Charters for support crews and their equipment.


We work directly with some of the world’s largest live entertainment companies to arrange transport to live concerts and festivals for artists, production teams and support crew.  From helicopter transport for shorter flights directly into festivals to private jets that will deliver international artists to their destination discreetly, on time and in comfort, we’ve got your festival transport needs covered.


Our Private Jet Charter team will look after artists from venue to venue, working tirelessly to accommodate their needs. We offer a variety of flexible options to suit each tour’s unique requirements. Perhaps the artist would like to “decal” the aircraft with their name and logo, or they’re looking for complete discretion when getting in and out of the airports. Whatever their needs, inside and outside the cabin, we will accommodate.

Equipment and instruments

We understand that a successful show is only made possible with the presence of many teams working behind the scenes. For flights and transport for production teams and management, our Group Charter team is on hand to ensure every person, set and essential piece of equipment gets where they need to be securely and on-time.  Our teams are also experienced and familiar with the insurance requirements and necessary verbiage that’s often a prerequisite to satisfy the contractual obligation of the studio or tour management company.

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