As a thriving multibillion-dollar industry, sport travel comes with significant time, media and performance pressures. As such, teams and athletes need a trusted partner that has the experience, contacts, and eye for detail to secure the right aircraft for the job.

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Private jet charter experts

Within the sports industry, private jets play a central role in transporting athletes, executives and friends and family members to locations both cross-country and globally. Volanteus is here to ensure our client’s charter experience is a seamless experience, every time.

Football transfer windows

Discretion is the cornerstone of the transfer window season — media reports and interested fans posting can scupper deals. We work quietly behind the scenes, organising private jet charter for club or team executives that need to travel to players and their representatives for confidential meetings, as well as for players and families that are travelling to clubs for medicals, negotiations, and contract signings.


We support a number of motorsports teams and organisations in flying drivers and riders to their races or media events. Our extensive knowledge of reliable operators underpins our ability to fly participants from home destinations to events, or from event to event whilst under significant time pressure – whether it’s from race schedules or time zone changes, we will ensure your flight stays on track.

Transport for friends and family

Having friends and family close by is a huge morale booster for athletes from the Champions League to the Monaco Grand Prix. However, the logistics involved in getting those loved ones to sporting events can sometimes be challenging. At Volanteus, we have the right partners and expertise to deal with these challenges: securing landing slots at busy airports and getting these vital supporters where they need to be.

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