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The Volanteus team specialises in supporting the oil, gas and renewables sector through our team of experts’ unrivalled knowledge of the industry. We support some of the largest oil, gas & renewable energy companies’ in the world, we understand the need for safe, reliable and assured charter flights.

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Dedicated, highly trained teams

With Volanteus, our dedicated teams manage each element of a successful charter — ensuring the operations run on-time by monitoring weather, NOTAMs, aircraft serviceability and by providing contingency planning. Our teams are familiar with the operational and technical intricacies involved with energy operations. Volanteus has its own operator due-diligence and safety assurance protocol and has partnerships with aviation safety auditing companies, if required.

Crew change movements

No matter the number of crew or equipment required, we can organise Fixed Wing and Rotary aircraft for all crew change movements across the globe, whether this be to on-shore or off-shore assets.

Challenging locations

Exploratory locations in the energy sector are often in remote frontier areas such as The Falkland Islands, Namibia, or the North Sea. We select operators who are experienced in operating in these geographically challenging locations, whose highly skilled and specialised crews are capable and experienced with these types of terrain. These locations are usually underserved by scheduled airlines, hence the requirements for charter flights.

Emergency planning

Our experienced team can work with energy partners to formulate a comprehensive Emergency, Evacuation and Contingency plan. Should the need ever arise, our team are prepared and will send Fixed Wing aircraft for repatriation quickly, safely and efficiently.

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