Volanteus Announce Exciting DKMS Blood cancer Partnership

Volanteus Announce Exciting DKMS Blood cancer Partnership

Volanteus is delighted to announce the partnership with DKMS. DKMS is an international non-profit organisation in the fight against blood cancer, every 20 minutes, someone in the UK is diagnosed with a type of blood cancer and some 2,000 people are looking for a potentially lifesaving blood stem cell donor each year.

Since being launched in the UK, in 2013, DKMS has been receiving great support from the public and have registered more than 500,000 people as potential blood stem cell donors.

Some of these amazing people have gone on to donate blood stem cells, giving more than 800 second chances of life to blood cancer patients – just one donation could end up saving someone’s life!

You can register to become a potential blood stem cell donor by simply sending a cheek swab, then in the future if you did have a match, you can donate. The process of donating blood stem cells is very similar to giving blood.

If you would like to register and help such a great cause please visit –https://www.dkms.org.uk/en/volanteus

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