To Furlough or Not to Furlough? That is not even a question.

Furlough or Not to Furlough?

It’s an emotive subject and business owners across the UK will have thought long and hard about the sustainability of their business and whether the UK Governments Furlough Scheme is something they should take advantage of.

Herein lies the key, TAKE advantage of.

While the scheme is unprecedented and personally, I am proud of our UK Government for implementing such an all-encompassing a vitally necessary financial support structure, one needs to ask the question; are business owners using the furlough scheme to preserve their businesses to still be viable post COVID-19 or are they looking to post record revenues because their employee costs have disappeared overnight?

The airline/private jet charter industry is no different from any other, hit hard during this pandemic. From a Volanteus perspective, the decision to not furlough our staff was made to preserve the integrity of the business. We fully expect a positive air travel landscape post COVID-19 and as such we wanted to look back at this time and know full well, that we conducted ourselves in a manner which reflected our ethics, values and morals.

We wanted our staff to know they worked for an employer that valued them, even though in some circumstances they couldn’t work at 100% capacity. They are part of our team and we’re in this together, we have opportunities to learn, to improve, to make better systems and procedures better. The whole team is aligned to use this temporary wind-of-change, to make changes that will see us striving to raise the bar.

We wanted to know that in a time where we’re all suffering, we wouldn’t be burdening the tax payer with an even greater responsibility for years to come.

It would be remiss for us to not acknowledge the fact that we are in a position not to furlough because of the abilities of the team here to diversify their talents. The commercial jet division is thriving, so members of the team who are used to arranging Learjets and Gulfstreams, are now working as support staff within our Commercial Jet and cargo department, ensuring that we remain committed to providing impeccable service. Always !

We look forward to the inevitable boom of private jet demand as soon as possible, in the meantime Volanteus can and will continue not to furlough our staff for the foreseeable future.

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