That Is Why Volanteus Went to Iceland

Destination Iceland for Volanteus operations manager.

Operations Manager, Gareth Harper, travelled to Reykjavik, Iceland to oversee a tricky series of charters for a well-established travel client to Greenland.

At Volanteus, we believe it is crucial to have team members on the ground assisting with our departures. Gareth said “Working with wonderful people also helps. I want to give a special thanks to the Icelandair Jet Centre and Mittarfeqarfiit for all of their assistance in dispatching our flights, even getting one of our flights to depart an hour early because of weather concerns”. Volanteus carefully selected Titan Airways because their pilots and cabin crew are friendly, diligent, professional and extremely hard working.

Gareth continued “The Titan team is fantastic and makes everything appear effortless.”

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