New Type of Landing Space for Workers!

New Type of Landing Space for Workers!

Incredible (but not unbelievable) to read about a private jet being used as office space.

During the pandemic we’ve seen pubs rent out temporary desk space, buses turned into meeting rooms. So why not take a nicely furnished, executive jet cabin and make it into lavish office space?

Technology alongside the push of the pandemic, has seen remote working become one of the most popular ways to work and whilst homeworking does suit some people – we recognise the trend to find more ‘alternative’ office surroundings.

The article in question featured a retired Boeing 727 (minus wings) fuselage becoming a unique office and meeting space when it arrives at its final destination at Brislington Trading Estate. For those aircraft enthusiasts among us – is this the utopia of a work environment?

[article source featured in B24/7 and written by Martin Booth, main image Johnny Palmer]

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