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The COVID-19 crisis meant private aviation has been one of the most affected industries, with travel restrictions and border closures occurring worldwide, eliminating the need for passengers to fly and effectively shutting down.

It’s been documented that during this period, Volanteus has focussed our efforts upon repatriation flights, getting people safely home across the globe. This has provided us with a unique insight into the challenges the industry will face, once private flights get back to running normally.

At Volanteus, we believe the world of private aviation needs to lead the way in protecting our high profile passengers, however there has been stagnation and uncertainty by some airlines and brokers. Our repatriation (over 17,000 passengers repatriated) work confirmed the policies, processes and procedures that are now demanded to get people flying safely and the sector pack up and running.

Prior to COVID-19, it had been indicated that only 10% of individuals that could afford to fly privately were doing so. However, it is likely that in a life after COVID-19 this statistic could drastically increase. Thus, we believe there will be an opportunity for the private jet industry to boom.

One key reason likely to cause a shift towards the private jet industry is hygiene factors. It is evident that commercial airlines are intending to sell a high capacity of their seats, which for some, may be considered unsafe following current social distancing guidelines. This is compared to private aviation providers who have been pro-active in listing critical health and safety requirements for the industry.

Inevitably a set of measures are required industry wide. Volanteus has gone one step further and created our own set of safety measures, which will be implimented on a strict basis for the health of everyone:

Temperature checks

Thermal detection

Blood tests

Use of PPE equipment for staff and passengers

Ground staff to have minimal physical contact with passengers

All staff required to use disinfection sanitiser after any interactions

The aircraft will be cleaned regularly between flights

Additional anti-bacterial treatments utilised for the aircraft interior

Strict measures to ensure social distancing is followed

With these measures in place, flying privately will ensure that your loved ones are protected. One study discovered that potential exposure to COVID-19 is 30 times lower when flying privately. Thus, with little risk of contact with the virus, we are can ensure a safe, pleasant journey for our clients. Furthermore, this can be guaranteed with the launch of our new upcoming NOVUS suite, which will follow all of the strict measures above to create a safe flying experience.

We encourage those who have considered flying privately in the past to compare the safety measures of commercial flights, the various cost-effective ways of purchasing private aviation hours and ultimately Volanteus and our industry leading measures.

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