Charlotte Thompson Joins Volanteus!

Charlotte Thompson Joins Volanteus!

We’re delighted to welcome Charlotte to the Volanteus team as an Aircraft Charter Broker. Charlotte’s recruitment story is a little different to most, but a true lesson in STANDING OUT.

After spending time online researching the aviation industry, Charlotte discovered Volanteus and was intrigued with the exclusivity of the private jet industry, Taking it upon herself to directly reach out to our CEO Mark Green via LinkedIn for advice. Mark loved her enthusiasm and direct approach, responding to her, to find out more about her intentions and background.

He discovered Charlotte’s family have a background in brokerage, specialising in the shipping industry. Since her early years she has always been inspired by their 24/7 work ethic and job roles.

When asked about the what has surpised her most about the industry, Charlotte says,

“Seeing the aircraft has been amazing, they are stunning.”

She always knew how pristine they were meant to be, but could not get over the quality and luxury when seeing them close up.

Speaking about her favourite day so far, Charlotte goes on to describe a particular occasion when a last-minute flight (with complicated requirements) required the skill set of the entire Volanteus team. She was so impressed with how the team combined their knowledge to find solutions at such short notice and the ability to handle multiple tasks at once, in a forever moving situation.

Caveat. If you work in the aviation industry you understand the bug you get bitten with when you have a last-minute charter and everyone pulls together.

Also Mark would like it known he will not employ everyone who sends him a DM on LinkedIn…

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